Shipping costs 

Orders are delivered via PostNL, BPost or DHL.

Geodox confirms your order via email to the email address which has been entered in your account. In this confirmation, the Total amount will be indicated. The actual invoice will be sent together with the shipment of the goods.

All prices are including VAT for EU shipments and without VAT for shipment outside European Union.

Shipment and administration costs are calculated using the weight of your order.

For The Netherlands (shippingcosts are mentioned including VAT)
Parcels € 4,50 (PostNL, also PakjeGemak deliveries* 
Free shipping for orders above € 50,- 

For Belgium and Germany (shippingcosts are mentioned including VAT)
Parcels € 5,95 * (BPost, DHL, also Packstation deliveries)
Free shipping for orders above € 50,- 

For Europa countries (shippingcosts are mentioned including VAT)
Parcels till 1000 gram € 10,00 * 
Parcels from 1000 gram € 17,50 * 

Outside Europa (shippingcosts are mentioned excluding VAT)
Parcels till 1000 gram € 15,50 * 
Parcels from 1000 gram € 24,30 * 

* Products which are higher then 3 cm or contain magnets, will be handled as package with different shipment costs then the actual weight. In that the actual weight can be lower then the weight used for calculating the shipmentcosts.


Shipment is only done after payment of the order and is done within 4 workingdays after receivement of the payment. If the product is not available, we will inform you about the expected date of availabilty. In that case, you are free to wait for the product to become available or to cancel the order. In case of cancellation of the order, we will refund the complete payments (or partly in case only part of the order is canceled. Deliverytime depends per country. Here, you can find an overview of estimated deliverytimes of PostNL